What Is A Share?

Our share program is for people who want to cook and eat locally, nutritiously and sustainably.

Together with our partner farms right here in New England and New York we produce 100% grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised chicken, pork, and lamb.

Your membership allows us to purchase whole animals from small local farms providing them with a sustainable income.

We distribute every cut evenly across our member base, optimizing the use of the whole animal while still allowing you to exclude items you don’t like.


Better Taste

We work with farmers who prioritize flavor, health and quality over size and speed.

Fully Traceable

Every cut we sell can be traced back to the town it came from and the farmer who produced it – we print it on the package.


100% grass-fed beef per serving has more “good fat” and less “bad fat: 2 to 6 times more Omega-3 than corn-fed beef, and 75% less total fat.


Industrial meat prices do not reflect their full cost of production. Our shares offer great value for superior products, delivered to your door.



Basic Share

1 lb. Ground Beef, Pork and/or Lamb, Walden’s Sausage of the Month, & a Roast or Whole Chicken

5+ lbs for $49

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Full Share

A Mix Of Steaks, Chops, Ribs, Roasts… Everything we have to offer matched to your preferences.

Plus, ground-beef and Walden’s Sausage of the Month!

6 – 7 lbs for $79
10 – 11 lbs for $129
15 – 16 lbs for $179
20 – 21 lbs for $229
30 – 31 lbs for $319

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Additional Monthly Add-ons

Add on Local 100% Grass-fed Butter or extra 100% Grass-fed Ground Beef on a recurring monthly basis – we’ll include them with your standard share items each month.

Everything is delicious, from the perfect steaks, sausages, lamb cuts, ground beef, and pork, to the butter, eggs, and bone broth.

Ben L.Yelp

The service is amazing, the cuts are top notch and the variety really makes me think outside the box for new recipes!

Jeff D.Yelp

This company is unmatched in the quality of products it delivers is every month. You can taste the difference in every cut compared to other high-end competitors.

Sarah S.Facebook

The meat is always fresh, the customer service is fantastic and we are so thrilled with our membership! Everything tastes far better than the grocery store.

Maranda R.Facebook

We just received our 4th delivery this morning and we could not be happier with all the products. You really can't beat having high-quality meats delivered to your door. We love that it is all coming from local farms and not big industry.

Patricia M.Facebook

We love the meat!!! Everything we have had tastes delicious and the quality is A+! Love supporting local farmers! Delivery and service are equally great!

Elizabeth V.Facebook

Ever since we chose to improve our diet with locally sourced, consciously raised meats from Walden Local, we have noticed a marked improvement in our quality of life. Good quality food = happy, healthy human bodies!

Marta M.Yelp

Best meat you can ever buy! Highly recommend Walden products. Highest quality you can find in meats.

Jake L.Yelp