Better Meat
A Better Way

100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, and
wild-caught fish – raised right here in New England
& New York (and we deliver ourselves!)

George and Shannon Fisher, Danville, Vermont

We’re a whole-animal share program
that hand delivers right to your door.

Walden partners with local farmers who raise grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork and chicken following the highest standards. As a whole animal program, we distribute all of the cuts from these animals across our member base. See how it works here.

Why Walden?

We partner with small, local, highly principled farmers and fisherman right here in New England and New York.
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Build Your Share

We sell meat in shares, offering a different selection of the highest quality, hand selected cuts each month (and add-ons like eggs and butter!).
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Hand Delivered

We don’t use any 3rd party shippers or delivery services. Our shares are hand delivered by us in reusable canvas bags!
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Seasonal Specials at Walden

Pasture-Raised Bacon

Made with our pasture-raised pork, our bacon is smoked and brined in Vermont maple syrup.

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Breakfast in Bed Pack

Start the day off right with our local breakfast staples, perfect for making yourself a hearty breakfast, or for treating a loved one to breakfast in bed.

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Walden Pig Breakdown
Classes Available! 

Join Charley, Katie, and Jason (Walden’s Head Butcher) as we learn all about pork while breaking down a whole half animal! Interested in learning more about pork breakdowns?

We are currently offering private classes here!