The best methods to produce the best products

Nicolas Baric’s farm in Hebron, NY

Our partner farmers raise animals outside on pastures that are herbicide and pesticide-free, right here in New England and New York, and never administer antibiotics or hormones.

BEEF // Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished (no corn, soy, or grain, ever) and humanely handled without the use of electric prods. We also dry age our beef a minimum of 7-14 days.
CHICKEN // Our chickens are truly pasture-raised outdoors. They are 
exclusively air chilled, which results in the best flavor and no added water!
PORK // Our heritage cross breed pigs live outdoors on pasture during the growing season rather than on concrete, they don’t get nose rings, and they have never seen a farrowing crate or cage of any kind.
LAMB // Our lambs are also pasture-raised outdoors and have never eaten corn or corn bi-products.

All of our suppliers sign this affidavit for beef, this affidavit for lamb, this affidavit for pork, and this affidavit for poultry. Learn more about our standards here.