Why choose
a Walden fresh,
pasture-raised turkey or
a bone-in maple ham?

Our fresh, pasture-raised turkeys and bone-in maple
hams are lovingly raised on herbicide and pesticide free
pastures. Never given antibiotics or hormones, our turkeys and
hams deliver richer flavor while utilizing environmentally friendly
farming practices. Eat local and feel good while doing it!

First and foremost, we appreciate all you do and THANK YOU for the
MOST DELICIOUS thanksgiving turkey EVER…we are still enjoying the
leftovers! Also valued your on-target cooking guidance
–Jeanann S.

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Our Farms

TurkeyFarm 439x227

Our fresh, pasture-raised turkeys come from the farms of Beth Whiting and Bruce Hennessy of Richmond, Vermont (pictured), John King of Canajoharie, NY, and John Barnstein of Warren, Maine. They are air chilled, which means richer flavor, no added water and a faster cook time.
Read out blog post here to learn more!

PigFarm 439x227

Our uncured bone-in maple ham comes from heritage breed pasture-raised pigs. Our hams come from the farms of Jonathan Leblanc of East Hardwick, Vermont, Jon Ingerson of Whitehall, New York (pictured), and other Walden farmer partners.

How much do I need?

Turkey Illustration

8-14 lbs for 4–7 people
12-18 lbs for 6-9 people
16-22 lbs for 8-12 people
22-28 lbs for 12-16 people

TurkeyBreast Illustration

Turkey breast is available in a 4 lb portion.
4 lbs will feed 4-8 people

Ham Illustration

A half ham will feed up to 6 people
A whole ham will feed up to 10 people

TG Table

Preparing a pasture-raised turkey is a bit different
then grocery store bought birds. Check out our tips page
to make sure you don’t dry out your thanksgiving feast!

Ready to put together your perfect thanksgiving
share? Head to our holiday share page now
for turkey, ham, and many other local specials!

NOTE: Your thanksgiving share will arrive separately from your normal
monthly share prior to Thanksgiving.
The date will appear on your member page!