Walden Local Request For Proposal

Walden is seeking to fill a gap of 60 hogs. We wanted to be fair and create opportunities for all of our existing supplier farms to continue growing before offering the opportunity to new farms, so we are utilizing an RFP process to fill this order.

We are looking to process in three groups of 20 according to a pre-set slaughter schedule, in June, July and August.

Pigs must be raised in accordance to our supplier affidavit, including outdoors on pasture with vegetative cover, no antibiotics, no tail docking, and no purchases at auction.

We inspect farms regularly and reserve the right to cancel this contract at any time in the event that pigs are not being raised in accordance with our standards.

We understand what it costs to raise pigs on pasture, and will not accept bids less than $2.00/lb hangwt. We strongly encourage you to bid at a price that reflects the cost of raising pigs to your and our standards as well as earning an acceptable profit to support you and your families, as the goal of this RFP is to allow Walden and our valued partners to grow together. We reserve the right to accept and reject any bid for any reason, and will take into consideration many characteristics outside of price.

Pigs must be between 180-225lbs on the rail or will be subject to penalties.  Note that for calculating a pay weight, we subtract 15lbs to account for skin at VPH.

Seller to coordinate and pay for transport to Vermont Packinghouse.

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