Ground pork can be a surprisingly flexible ingredient to add to your regular share. At Walden, we love using our ground pork in homemade sausages, meatballs, and tacos, but this month, we challenged ourselves to try something new. Chinese New Year is upon us (February 12th) and is a time for celebrating family, new beginnings, and the rich melding of cultures in our neighborhoods. Below you’ll find a few recipes inspired by the upcoming holiday and Chinese American cuisine. We thought they were tasty, and we hope you do as well. Happy Year of the Ox! 

– All of us at Walden

Walden Wontons

A delicious and quick wonton recipe we were inspired to try for Chinese New Year. These are great to make in batches and then freeze for eating throughout the week. Very tasty and not as hard to fold as we thought!

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Weekday Stir Fry

We love how dynamic stir fry can be. Once you perfect a killer sauce, it’s easy to swap out ingredients and try all kinds of combinations. This recipe was put together by modifying some of our favorites into one. Feel free to be bold and experiment!

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Egg Roll in a Bowl

This recipe has been a fan favorite amongst Waldeneers for a long time, so we thought it was about time we shared it with all of you. Eat it on a plate, throw it in a bowl … it’ll taste just as good either way!

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