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Dear Neighbor:

We deliver 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised pork, chicken, and lamb right to your door … without antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.  All raised right here in New England and New York. 

Our community of members is passionate about supporting farmers from right here in our backyard who are truly doing things right.

We deliver our meat in a share programthat is, a curated mix of cuts that reflect everything the whole animal has to offer (except organs and such, we sell those separately!).  There is no commitment or contractskip a share, change your delivery date, or cancel anytime. 

We started this company because we found something worth sharing right in our backyardclick the button below to join our share program, or click to learn more About Us, Our Shares, or Our Standards.

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The label on the meat has the name of the farmers and the farm it comes from, and I really like knowing where my food comes from.

Vicki G.Google Reviews

You get so used to going to the grocery store and picking up the same things over and over again, but with Walden they send you so many different cuts, that you start to explore different recipes and really mix it up. Love them, Love them, Love them- they are worth every penny!

Casarra C. Google Reviews

I’ve never been disappointed in my cuts of meat and the quality of local responsibly raised products that I get from Walden is unquestionably better when compared to the “responsible” meats from Super markets.

Pat W.Google Reviews

If you are hesitant to try Walden...don't be! Nobody was more hesitant than me! After a few months I asked my husband if he would rather me get the meat in a grocery store and he said "Absolutely NOT" ...

Laura C.Google Reviews

We have been so happy with this purchase - one of the best decisions we have made! The shipping makes it so easy to have quality meat delivered right to your door.

Andrew D. Google Reviews

Excellent customer service, great meat and delivered right to your door. The packaging has been superb; nothing has ever been spoiled. I love getting my delivery and seeing what meats I got. I've cooked dishes I never would have because of this service. Highly recommended!!!

Michelle E.Yelp

We have really enjoyed receiving new cuts of meat that we typically wouldn't buy, then we look up how to cook it or use some of the recipes Walden provides each month! It has really opened us up to more exciting options and makes dinner less boring!

Emily R. Yelp