Walden Local Butcher Shop

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316 Shawmut Avenue Boston, Massachusetts


Best of Boston 2020 LogoWatch our expert butchers breakdown whole sides of beef, pork, and lamb from scratch on a daily basis.  We offer a changing variety of specialty cuts, in-house sausage blends and marinated products.

If you live in the Boston area and you are looking to reserve something special for pickup, or you want to try a cut before joining our share program, you can place a request here!  Wondering what’s available?

We also offer butchery demonstrations and hands on workshops!  If you are interested in reserving our shop for a butchery demonstration for a private group event (typically 6-8 people), please email us for info at events@waldenlocalmeat.com.



11 am – 7 pm




11 am – 7 pm


1 pm – 7 pm


11 am – 7 pm


11 am – 5 pm

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