About Us

Photo credit: Holly Rike

Our Mission

For people who want to cook and eat LOCALLY, NUTRITIOUSLY AND

We are


…right here in New England and New York.

We produce the highest quality supply of 100% grass-fed beef and other
pasture-raised meat including chicken, pork and lamb
from nearby highly principled farms.

instead of industrial factory farms,

we are REINVIGORATING our local agricultural economy,
in support of healthier and happier animals, people and communities.

How We Started

For my wife and me, the negative images of gestation crates and industrial factory farms never really changed our minds. It wasn’t that they weren’t powerful, but their impact faded over time, and eventually we’d go back to eating like we always had.  What truly changed our minds was something much more positive.  When we harvested our own vegetables and enjoyed them with a roast chicken that had been raised outside on pasture, by our neighbors, the meal yielded good conversation and amazing flavors that were nothing like we’d experienced before. Chicken that tasted like chicken. My wife was inspired to go into agriculture herself, harvesting vegetables by hand and raising lamb at a nearby farm.

As it turns out, we discovered that there are many other farmers right here in New England and New York doing everything right—feeding animals what they’re meant to eat and raising them outside in the sunshine. Steve, Gerald, Wallace, Beth, Julie, Ben, Jonathan – these were our people: they shared our values and they produced food in a way that we could all admire. But there was no clear road from these farms to our kitchens. So that is our intention: linking our re-emerging local agricultural economy to you.

Behind every cut is a network of farmers, butchers and laborers dedicated to using best practices from a health, environmental, and ethical perspective. Beginning with the farmer moving her chickens to fresh pasture each dawn and ending with our members enjoying their locally grown meals—there’s a community of us who believe in the power of linking our land to our food. We started this company because we found something worth sharing right in our backyard.