Hello again! February started off on a high note when our favorite noble creature, the groundhog, predicted an early spring. For people like us who are chomping at the bit for green grass and spring chores – Phil has won MVP in our book. In the meantime – here are a few things to keep you entertained while we wait for spring’s arrival.

To Read:

  • That’s Miss Breaux Bridge Crawfish to you. In Louisiana, agriculture pageant contests carry their stories and education of generations-old crops and exports. 
  • Out of the potato famine, the first humanitarian mission emerged. The Globe details Captain Robert Bennet Forbes’ journey to bring relief to Ireland.
  • The OG Dunks. No – not that one. Your favorite 90’s snack is coming back to a grocery shelf near you.

To Taste:

  • Our team can’t get enough of this Texas Beef Brisket Chili. Simple enough to throw together with leftover brisket, and deserving of a highly-sought after two thumbs up from our Strategic Operations Lead.
  • A whiskey – hold the whiskey. As synthetic food products abound, would you venture into lab born libations?
  • We have been introduced to this Pork Egg Roll in a bowl, and can confirm it’s one of the best uses for our ground pork. 

To Listen:

  • Georgian Jamon. We always appreciate a good conversation with good company – here’s an episode of America’s Test Kitchen’s Proof that encompasses just that in their chat with Will Harris of White Oak Pastures.
  • Lighten up your commute with an episode of The Sporkful. From comedians’ experiences with food to a deep dive into the political corn dog – this one definitely makes the standstill a little more enjoyable. 

Until next time!

All of us at Walden