In the new year, we wanted to invite more people to experience Walden from the other side of the share bag, and thus – Everything & The Kitchen Sink was born. We’re welcoming you into HQ and sharing what we’re into this month from interesting articles to a few favorite podcasts. We’ll keep it brief, though – there’s corned beef cooking in the kitchen and it smells like we need to go grab a plate asap.


  • Small but Mighty. We may be biased, but we think it’s Equal Exchange’s podcast, The Stories Behind Our Food, is pretty fantastic. Listen to their latest episode to hear how a little hustle and heart started a local company supporting their communities’ agriculture. Oh yeah, that does sound familiar.
  • Is Sous Vide a Verb? For the curious cook (or those looking for some guidance), check out Heritage Radio Network’s Podcast, Cooking Issues with Dave & Nastassia. This episode breaks down some interesting dairy-free ingredients and addresses listener’s burning sous vide questions. 
  • Feelin’ Folksy. While we would much prefer the spring sounds of chicken clucks and the rustle of a warmer breeze, we’ll happily settle for this playlist the folks behind the phones curated this month. Tried and tested, it also makes for a great dinner party soundtrack. 

For The Eyes

  • Milk, with a tinge of pond. The PBS docuseries “The Poison Squad” takes a look at an often unsung hero who saved our milk from being diluted with not-so-fresh pond water and a myriad of other dangerous and highly questionable food additives. Based on Deborah Blum’s book of the same title – the documentary details the brave few who fought for our consumer protection laws amid a wild west of ‘should be fine’s’ common surrounding the Industrial Revolution. 
  • Meat, A-Z. Adriana Velaz breaks down the butcher counter to help you navigate the maze of beefy marketing terms thrown at you, and how to tell your Wagyu from you Wangus. (Disclosure: Adriana happens to be a member.)
  • The Mighty Dollar. This week, the Guardian took a bold step and became the first publication to stop accepting advertising from fossil fuel companies. This comes as an additional tier to the publication’s edits to style and photo guides in relation to pressing climate issues. 

Local Flavor

Is anyone missing a pig or 30? If you’re passing through Marshfield, MA – they’re headed east. 

We’re Hiring!

Whether you prefer driving the open road or have a penchant for data & analytics – we’re hiring for a range of roles here in Billerica! Take a look at our listed roles here – if you don’t see the perfect fit, we’re always up to chat with folks that have a passion for the work.