In this season of giving, it’s important here at Walden for us to recognize and partner with organizations that are helping those in our communities that don’t have healthy food options as readily accessible as some. This is especially true when it comes to healthy proteins, which are donated less commonly. With this in mind, Walden Local Meat recently started our 1% for The Hungry program, giving one percent of our total membership program product volume to charities in our service areas. With the help of our partners below, we hope to do our part in creating better accessibility to better food for all across New England and New York.


Food Link

Food Link provides nourishing meals to people in need in the area surrounding Arlington, MA. Bringing together community-minded individuals, restaurants and distributors, and clients, Food Link’s group of over 200 volunteers rescues fresh, healthy food and brings it to social service agencies in the Greater Boston area. In addition to feeding the hungry, Food Link also works with organizations to provide job training for people with special needs. Here are some examples of the amazing work Food Link is doing: 


  • 500,000 lbs.: The amount of food distributed annually to shelters, pantries, senior centers, and other social service agencies.
  • 2,600: The number of collections Food Link volunteers conduct annually. 
  • 40: The number of social service agencies to which Food Link delivers food. 
  • 5,000: The number of Greater Boston residents that have reliable, regular access to healthy food, thanks to Food Link. 


Walden Local Meat is proud to partner with Food Link in the fight against hunger in the Boston area. Thank you for your great work! 

Make a personal donation to Food Link >>



Second Chance Foods

Second Chance Foods is a Hudson Valley-based nonprofit food rescue charity. Second Chance’s mission is to “rescue” useable foods that are otherwise destined for the landfill to reduce food waste and food insecurity. Each day thousands of pounds of food in the Hudson Valley region are thrown out because of overstocks, the way it looks, or because it is too close to the use-by date. Instead of throwing the food away, Second Chance: 

  • Directly distributes to food pantries and soup kitchens
  • Cooks the food in their licensed commercial kitchen and then distributes it to local food programs. 

Second Chance believes that nourishing food is a fundamental human right. We’re proud to be their partner in the Upstate New York area! 

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The Greater Boston Food Bank

The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) is the leading hunger-relief agency in New England. For 45 years, The Greater Boston Food Bank has been committed to building healthier, hunger-free communities. Each year the GBFB distributes over 62 million pounds of nutritious food annually to those struggling to feed their families through several programs, pantries, and community markets.  Take a look at some of their programs below: 


  • Brown Bag Program: Did you know that 1 in 5 seniors in Eastern Massachusetts struggles with hunger? The GBFB Brown Bag Program is dedicated to delivering nutritious food to over 8,500 seniors every month. 


  • School-Based Pantries Program: Did you know that 1 in 9 children in Eastern Massachusetts doesn’t get enough food every day? Many of these children and their families rely on the GBFB School-Based Pantry Program’s reduced price or free meals to stay fed. 
  • Mobile Markets Program: Many communities in New England are considered food deserts, or areas without access to affordable, nutritious food. The GBFB Mobile Markets Program is a free farmer’s market-style program that visits these underserved communities to supply nourishment to veterans, community health center patients, community colleges, WIC program participants, and more. 

The Greater Boston Food Bank is essential to the health and security of so many New England-based families. We are proud to be a partner with the GBFB and to contribute to their mission of providing three meals a day to all of Eastern Massachusetts. 

Make a personal donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank >>


Thank you from all of us at Walden for helping feed the hungry in our communities. Do you know a charity, nonprofit, or food bank that needs our help? Let us know! We are always looking for new ways to help the less fortunate. Send us an email at with the name of your organization. Thanks again for making local work—for everyone!