Walden is pleased to announce this year’s Thanksgiving turkeys are ready to order! This year, we will be offering fresh, air-chilled pasture-raised turkeys in small, medium, and large sizes ranging from 8 lbs to 24 lbs. Our fresh turkeys come from locally owned farms in New Hampshire and Maine, such as Ben Kane’s farm in Alton, New Hampshire.

Why opt for a fresh, Walden turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner? Simply put, our turkeys are better for you. Walden’s partner farmers pride themselves on delivering healthy, healthful turkeys by raising them outdoors on pasture, where their diet is diverse and natural–the way it should be. There are no antibiotics or hormones in our birds. They live on regularly rotated pastures, which are free of synthetic herbicides or pesticides. 

Pasture-raised, fresh turkeys are also sure to earn you the MVP award this holiday. Our turkeys have richer dark meat and juicier white meat – everyone around the table wins! When you order your Thanksgiving turkey from Walden Local Meat, you are getting no added oil, sodium, or artificial favor, just wholesome, natural turkey.


Our fresh, air-chilled turkeys also take much less time to cook, as they don’t have added moisture like frozen turkeys do. Because of this, you’re able to spend more time with friends & family and less time prepping the turkey at dawn. This year, all Thanksgiving turkeys will be delivered within the week prior to the big day, allowing you more freezer space for your regular share!

With a quick cook time (sometimes 50% faster!) and flavorful meat, we recommend the following recipes to make your fresh Walden Turkey shine this Thanksgiving – tried and true!

If the weather is bearable outside, slow-grilling a turkey is fun and easy and gives the turkey a very moist, rich smoky flavor, especially if you use cherry or other hardwood chips on a gas grill. We’ve used this Sunset Magazine recipe in the past, and it came out excellent – although it came up to temperature faster than we’d anticipated, so keep a close eye!

Another way to ensure the meat cooks evenly without drying out is a parchment paper method we found here.  This method is designed especially for pasture raised birds, which tend to have much less added water (Butterballs and other brands are commonly injected with water, salt, modified food starch, sodium phosphate, etc. to make them more palatable).  Here too, watch the temperature, although this method is more forgiving than most.


We are accepting requests for Thanksgiving shares online now; head over to your members’ page for more information. Remember, you can also grab your holiday meal from our Butcher Shop in Boston’s South End, located at 316 Shawmut Ave. They’re available for pickup starting 11/22 – reserve today! Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have and help you find a wine or beer pairing to complement your meal.

From all of us at Walden, Happy Thanksgiving!