We’re offering all of our members – new and old – $100 towards their next BBQ until Sept 15th.  All you need to do is add $100 worth of specials to your share via our monthly specials, and post a picture on social media of your BBQ with at least 15 people… and we’ll credit your account for $100 towards your next share!
Strong communities and relationships are built around food.  Cultures are often best defined by their food; families are linked by lifelong nostalgic flavors of home.  But times today are crazy.  Dinner tables are now filled with more people looking at their phones or a TV than each other. Most of us now spend most of our waking hours staring at screens – almost 11 hours per day according to Neilsen, at least 4.5 of which is on your phone… we check the little supercomputer in our pocket an average of 77+ times per day according to some studies.
There has got to be a better way to spend our limited time on earth (remember, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow, this site says that’s a 2 / 1,000,000 chance… but those are better than lottery odds!).
As we contemplated where to spend our efforts, it occurred to us that Walden can contribute in a positive way in this context… to support our member communities, and do our best to facilitate face to face interaction with family and friends.  For us, good food has always meant good conversation. Differences between us – physical, political, philosophical – disappear when we surround a table of food; it is the universal connector of humanity.
More specifically, we were taken by the dramatically different taste of local food raised right.  Food raised or grown by someone in our community, without some far away unknown impact but instead a positive one right here in New England and New York. This has always meant stronger human connections that were as rich and healthy as the food we were serving.  And hopefully your pictures of all of these wonderful community barbecues will contribute in some small way to using social media to highlight rather than detract from real communities.
Thanks so very much for making this a special part of the world to live and work – and for helping us to do the same!