A Salute to Walden Women!

We are proud to work with many first-time farmers, and are inspired by their leadership in rejuvenating agriculture in New England and New York.  It’s also incredibly fulfilling to work with women-led operations, farmed by some of the fiercest and most independent thinkers we’ve ever met. Alethea, Suzanne, Julie, Beth, Lisa and many others are emerging leaders in sustainable agriculture in the region.  This is not to diminish their partners either, some of whom share production duties and co-lead family operations – but these women are tough, and working every day to make perennial pasture production work right here in New England and New York.

Females can have a tough time working in agriculture and meat, two businesses typically dominated by men (and particularly masculine / macho men!).  Read more about some amazing women working hard to break down barriers at Royal Butcher, one of our friends up in Vermont.

So here is a salute to our women farmers, and also to our own wonderful Walden women who make everything actually work around here: Amanda, Kristen K, Abbey and Elizabeth, pictured here, plus Renee, Kristen C, and Libbi!