When we first began testing and collecting recipes, we stumbled upon a phenomenal method for milk and honey baby back ribs. It may seem odd to cook with milk when most recipes call for glazes, sauces, or rubs. Yet, milk acts as a perfect buffer—heating the meat gently while basting it with cream. As the milk evaporates, the resulting ribs are impressively tender with a light brown toasted crust!

This recipe has become a notorious favorite at Walden. Especially in these intermediate weeks of spring where it may be too cold to grill and too warm for stew. To maintain the delicate flavors, we recommend sticking to the oven as originally imagined by Cesare Giaccone of Osteria dei Cacciatori. We urge you to give his recipe a try! Milk and Honey Ribs

For more info on the versatility of ribs, see HERE

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