Before we had vacuum sealing, flash freezing, trucks, and limitless grocery stores, families found their own system for sharing and preserving meat for year round use. In a short article by Modern Farmer, we see how early 20th century farming families came together to form their own “meat club”. For example, in a community of 16, each farm would contribute one cow for the group throughout the summer. Each week, for a whole season, all 16 families could share a whole steer. Similarly, preserved products such as sausages, bacon and, ham would be prominent in the winter with the eventual entrance of “spring chickens”.

Walden is a modern version of the pastoral food community. We too share whole animals across our membership base, and work with local farmers to manage four seasons’ worth of raising, caring, and… eventually enjoying livestock. Winter packages have more lamb since they thrive in the colder months. In the spring, (likely summer with all this snow!) we’ll have plenty of chickens. The cuts you receive each month go a long way to feed not just 16 families, but families throughout the Boston metro area. We hope that connecting members to one another and supporting local farm families, together we can build a healthier soils, animals and communities.

Photo Credit: Modern Farmer