On Futuristic Food Technology

By November 24, 2014 January 31st, 2020 Other

In 1962, the Jetsons envisioned the world of a 2062 family. It seemed awesome… when it came to food, pushing a few buttons on a machine could get you easy, personalized meals in seconds. In some ways, we are getting closer to this idea. Liquid meals delivered to your door in minutes, nutrients in a pill, and 3D food printers are no longer a figment of the future.

But is this really what progress looks like?

Machine-made artificial food eliminates much of the human element behind the experience of raising, sourcing, and cooking each meal—separating the neat little breaded chicken nugget from an actual chicken.  This is unfortunate, as we believe sharing whole, sustainably raised animals from nearby farms yields healthier animals and communities.

From start to finish, we value the communities that produce our products – because they’re our own!  This emphasis on slow food does not mean our farmers use methods from the 1920s. On the contrary, modern managed intensive grazing schemes require advanced technology (such as movable electronet fencing) and an advanced understanding of grass and soil health. We simply prefer to work with farmers and producers that utilize technology to produce more sustainable products, rather than nutritional “solutions.”

Most importantly, we are also building a community of members. We’re thrilled to have a network dedicated to these same ideals, as well as the shared culinary experience of trying new things directly from the source.