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Last night was freezing cold and we were looking for a big bowl of pasta to warm us up. 

But alas, we had run out of tomato sauce.

So we pan seared our grass-fed ground beef with olive oil, some sliced skiitake mushrooms, a tiny bit of soy sauce, garlic, fresh cilantro and a pinch of salt & pepper, and had it over linguine.  Turned out to be a great way to bring out the full flavor of the meat.  No need for sauce!

Sometimes the best creations arise from being forced to work with what is in your fridge and countertop.  To our members enjoying their November deliveries… please submit your recipes or cooking tips – you can enter them here as comments, or email us! 

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  • Chili–my way
    From Brooke Mohnkern– Serious Meat Club

    When I make chili this is roughly how I do it.

    The idea is to cook the meat and onions heavily until its natural moisture is driven off and the mix gets dry and crumbly. Then you do it a couple of more times time after adding beer (or coffee). The flavors get nice and intense which make the final product particularly rich (in my humble opinion).


    1 lb 80% Lean ground beef
    1 large yellow onion–cut into small strips 1/4in by 1 inch approx. (Shallots work in a pinch)
    1-2 cloves of garlic minced or pressed through a garlic press
    1 bottle of IPA or stout beer or 12-16 oz black coffee
    2 16oz cans of tomatoes, 1 puree and 1 crushed or diced
    1 small can tomato paste (or ketchup)
    2 cans of beans red, white kidney style or black of you prefer
    OPTIONAL: Diced jalapeno peppers

    Chili Powder (ancho is nice too)
    Black pepper
    Red Pepper Flakes
    Cinnamon (optional)
    Thyme (optional)

    Other stuff:

    Large heavy bottom pot
    Wooden Spoon

    1) heat the pot over med-high heat
    2) When good an hot:
    2A: add the beef and a healthy dose of Salt, Black Pepper and Cumin
    2B: Stir constantly to brown evenly

    If the meat releases a lot of liquid it will not brown and crisp up. you can keep cooking until it boils off or if in a rush "pour it off" (save it though and add it back to the finished product)

    3) Add the onion and 1/2 the beer when the meat is dry, brown and crumbly and sticking to the pot’s bottom

    4)Scrape the stuck on bits off the bottom with your wooden spoon/ continue cooking and stirring until the meat is mostly dry again

    5) Add the rest of the beer AND THE GARLIC and repeat step 4 (until mostly dry)

    6) When the mixture dry mix in the can of tomato paste and continue to cook for a a couple of minutes

    7) Add the cans of tomato, and beans (scrape off anything that is still sticking to the bottom with your wooden spoon– it should loosen with the addition of the tomatoes

    9) Reduce the heat to med– don’t boil the mix at this point.

    10) After the mixture has warmed taste it and adjust the spices (salt, pepper and cumin)

    11) Depending on how hot you like it add Cayenne and Red Pepper flakes

    12) Add a small pinch of cinnamon and some thyme– start small and add more if you’d like after tasting it.

    13) You might also consider a small bit of ground clove (not a lot) Taste as you go

    14) if the taste is not "meaty" enough add some anchovy paste– apx 1 tsp and taste more if needed or Worcestershire works too

    15) If it is not tangy enough try a squeeze of lemon juice or a small splash of vinegar

    16) Let it steep for 30 minutes or longer over very low heat or off heat

    I like to serve this over rice or baked potatoes and to top it with grated cheddar cheese.