NPR: Same old story, this is a bad situation

By October 24, 2013 October 23rd, 2017 Agriculture News

A newly released report from Pew Commission on the American meat business reinforces the same conclusions that the agency came to in 2008…   

  • Excessive use of medically important antibiotics, which are used not to cure sick animals but promote quicker growth
  • Unsustainable handling of massive amounts of liquid waste from huge confined animal operations
  • “Standard industry practices” of confining pigs in gestation crates, hens in battery cages, and cattle in feedlots
  • The increasingly monopolistic world of agribusiness today… with just a handful of companies controlling food markets, from end to end

The disconcerting part is that Pew and others came to these very same conclusions five years ago… and five years before that, and five years before that.

It’s time to vote with your food choices!  

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