More on Food Miles…

By September 7, 2013 November 6th, 2017 Agriculture News

We’ve had people ask us about the stats on the front page.  For example, 13,273 miles seems like a lot, especially when compared to, for example, the 9,000 mile trip from Auckland, New Zealand to Boston.

Although many American grocery stores do source lamb and beef from New Zealand, this is not what the stats are getting at.  The vast majority of the beef we get comes instead from places like the feedlot in Greeley, CO pictured to the right.  The “food-miles” calculated are an attempt to quantify the massive amount of energy it requires to grow, process and transport corn to these massive “cattle cities,” and haul away the enormous amounts of waste they produce each day.

See here to read the full study done by  Brighter Planet.

As we’ve said, there is a better way.