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Purchasing in bulk saves money and allows you to explore all the different cuts the animal has to offer.  We sell a whole pig equivalent, which will take up approximately 3-4 cubic feet of space in your freezer, and will come in 4 boxes weighing ~30lbs each.  Note that all cuts are vacuum sealed in 1-2lb packages.  All pigs are pre-cut and are not available whole.  Each package includes about 105 lbs of meat, including:

Loin and Rib Chops ~20lbs

Shoulder & Boston Butt Roasts ~15lbs

Smoked Whole or Sliced Hams ~25lbs

Bacon (ends and slices) ~15lbs

Spare & Babyback ribs ~6lbs

Tenderloin ~4lbs

Sausage of your choice, ground pork, OR bulk trim 20lbs

Plus: Heart, Liver, kidney, backfat, leaf lard and pork bones

Notes: Because we process animals in groups of 5-10 and pack items by cut, our whole pig equivalent is from the same farm but not necessarily from the same animal.  We currently do not offer custom cutting requests.   Within our delivery area, delivery to your door is included - we will arrange a time when you are home to accept delivery, between 7am and 5pm M-F.   Please allow 1 week for packing and preparation.  NOTE: we do not deliver or ship beyond our delivery area (see here). 

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