Note that you will have the opportunity to add pastured eggs and other items to your order through our monthly add-on survey

Examples of what a Full Share might include... 


    • Chuck & round roasts in the winter
    • Ribeye, flank, tenderloin, sirloin, eye round and NY Strip steaks 
    • Short ribs
    • Summer steak kabobs, Winter stew meat
    • Knockwurst (made with beef and pork)
    • Hot beef sausages
    • Ground beef


    • Rib & loin chops
    • Ham and pork shoulder roasts in the winter
    • Smoked ham steaks
    • Spare ribs and country style pork ribs
    • Hot Italian sausages
    • Sweet Italian sausages
    • Chorizo with bacon & cilantro
    • Kielbasa
    • Smoked bacon
    • Breakfast sausages
    • Ground pork


    • Lamb loin and shoulder chops
    • 1/2 leg of lamb
    • Lamb belly / ribs
    • Ground lamb

    Chicken (available in the growing season only - it's raised outdoors!)

    • Whole chicken
    • Boneless breasts
    • Bone-in legs
    • Wings

    ... and many other items!