frequently asked questions

  • When will my order be ready?  If you selected pickup, your order will be ready within a week of ordering.  For deliveries, we deliver ONCE per month, during the last three  weeks of the month, and your delivery date will be confirmed via email the week prior (your delivery will generally be on or around the same date each month). We also have a makeup day if you are not available on your regularly scheduled date.  We deliver only on weekdays, and are currently scheduled for:
    • July 8-29
    • August 8-31


  • What do your customers think?  Some recent feedback we've received:
    • "I really feel that you have given me the opportunity to live my values"

    • "I've been using Walden for almost a year now and it is a choice I've never regretted!  The service is amazing, the cuts are top notch and the variety really makes me think outside the box for new recipes."

    • "Last night, I cooked my first steak (not just from your program, but EVER)... man! I think that's the best thing I've ever cooked.  I was so proud of myself and I never would have done it without you!  I think that your program is not just increasing access to humanely raised meat, it is also really teaching people how to cook meat!  A valuable skill!"

    • If you'd like to read more reviews, check us out on Yelp!

BOSTON DELIVERY AREA (click to enlarge!)

PROVIDENCE DELIVERY AREA (click to enlarge!)

  • Where do you deliver?  We currently deliver free of charge to most areas in Greater Boston, including almost all areas inside of the Interstate 495 loop. We also now deliver to select areas of Providence and Pawtucket Rhode Island!  If you are outside the delivery area, we recommend an office delivery if you work in the city, OR you're welcome to pickup your order at our Burlington, MA offices.
  • Sometimes we have a busy month, or we're traveling... is there a way to skip or delay a delivery?  What if it's too much meat?  No problem at all, just email us at and we'll put your deliveries on hold while you're away.  You can restart at anytime without having to re-enter all of your information.  We also offer every other month, or ever 3rd month shares if this works better for your family!


  • What will I get each month?  Can I customize my box or add to our share?  Each 6-7lb share generally comes with one pound of ground beef, 1 type of sausage and/or bacon, and the remaining 4lbs a mix of cuts that you specify in the order form (either roasts or steaks/chops/ribs).  Larger sizes are generally the same proportion of cuts (e.g. a 10-lb share starts with 2lbs of ground beef and a sausage, plus 8lbs of cuts you specify).  You can opt out of anything you do not like (beef/pork/chicken/lamb or specific items) or update your preferences anytime via our member site. We also have monthly specials on various items (like pastured eggs!), which we provide through a members-only survey prior to our deliveries each month. See here for a full product list


  • What farms do you work with? We partner with about 75 different supplier partner farms in New England, from Maplewind Farm in Richmond, VT to Sugar River Farm in Newport, NH to Clark Farm right here in Carlisle, MA.  In the spirit of transparency, we print the town where the animal was raised and the name of the farmer on every label.  All of these farms accept visitors but generally ask that you schedule beforehand.  We visit our partner farms regularly, and aim to develop long term productive and mutually beneficial partnerships based on our shared values.  If you are a farmer and want to join our growing partnership, see here.


  • Can I purchase a gift?  We can always accommodate gifts if the recipient is in our delivery area, but do ask for a commitment of 3-months or longer.  If this is something you're interested in, just email us at


  • How much should I order?  Here is a rough guideline:
  • Is the meat fresh?  Our meat generally reaches our customers more quickly than a typical industrial producer's would – mostly because it is traveling a shorter distance.  What depletes the flavor of meat is not letting it age properly (in the case of beef), slowly freezing it or quickly de-frosting it (as in a microwave).  After a dry aging process, our beef is flash frozen, transported in a below-zero degree freezer, and left for you packed with cold packs and/or dry ice. We believe this results in the best tasting meat possible.


  • After I defrost the meat, how long can it stay in my refrigerator?  If the vacuum seal of the package is not broken, your meat has a shelf life in a refrigerator of more than 2 weeks.  Once you break the seal you should consume the meat in 3 days if ground, 5 days for cuts / sausages.  The best way to defrost is in a bowl of cold water, or in your refrigerator overnight; the worst way to defrost would be to use your microwave.


  • Is it organic? Although all of our suppliers pledge not to use pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics of any kind, not all of our suppliers have pursued USDA organic certification because it is tremendously costly for small producers.  We have found that there are other, perhaps more important, indicators of quality and sustainability.  Most beef that is certified organic still comes from a cow raised in a feedlot, where it is fed corn, which is completely unnatural for a grazing animal.  Although it's great that the corn is organic, corn wreaks havoc on a cow's digestive system, and produces meat that is much less healthy: higher in saturated fat and the "bad-fat" Omega-6s.  We think our own standards are much tougher - we ask our suppliers to sign this affidavit for beef, this affidavit for pork, this affidavit for lamb, and this affidavit for poultry


  • What if we aren't home when you deliver?  No problem!  Everything is packed with an ice pack in an insulated grocery bag, so it will stay cold for several hours on your doorstep.  If you do not have a safe drop spot for us to leave your delivery, we would suggest delivering to an office location. 


  • Is it expensive? We believe meat that costs a few dollars per pound actually costs far more than that... in environmental destruction, the animal’s lack of wellbeing, and long-term human health. Our prices are honest, and offer great value relative to all-natural grocery stores.  Our Full Share includes items that would range from $8 to $35+/lb, and we try to provide a balanced delivery each month to ensure everyone receives some high value items.  We are also offering a very different product from what you see in a grocery store. Our animals are raised on pastures less than 250 miles from us, moved regularly, never fed antibiotics, and have plenty of space to enjoy their lives. They are raised by humans, not machines, on farms that are slowly rebuilding New England's agricultural heritage.  And you can taste the difference!  


  • Why don’t you charge more? Our prices are a fair reflection of what it costs to produce the highest quality products.  Our goal is to make them available to as many people as possible while covering our costs, most of which goes towards supporting the small farms in New England that we're trying to bring back!


  • When will I be billed?  Generally we bill all of our accounts on or around the 1st of the month - this is in support of our mission, as it helps us pay our farm partners on time, and invest in New England's agricultural renaissance!


  • Can I pre-pay my account for a discount?  We do offer this option for members through our monthly specials list - we encourage you to try a month first.  We offer discounts for 6-month and 12-month plans. 


  • Are you hiring?  Yes! Checkout our jobs page for available positions