Not to gloat, but our meat is far superior to 'grocery-store' meat... pretty much all around:


  • Our meats taste better for one reason: we work with farmers who prioritize taste and flavor over speed. Good things come to those who wait!
  • Good pasture management, rotational grazing, and attention to the health and fertility of the soil produces healthy and varied forages, which in turn produce more complex flavors in our meat


  • Grass-fed beef, per serving, is actually leaner than a typical skinless chicken thigh!
  • Grass-fed beef has more 'good fat' and less 'bad fat': 2 to 6 times the Omega-3 of corn-fed beef, and 75% less total fat per serving. 
  • Lower bacteria counts - studies indicate that feeding cows an exclusive grass diet keeps overall E. Coli and other bacteria counts lower.  


  • "You are what you eat eats" - our animals are raised in natural environments and fed food they are meant to eat. For cows this means grass (not corn) for their entire lives. For pigs this means forested areas with plenty of mud to lay in and forage to eat. There is simply no comparison to the conditions in which most industrial meat is raised today.  See our supplier affidavits above for more detail on our specifications.
  • All of our suppliers sign this affidavit for beef, this affidavit for pork, this affidavit for lamb, and this affidavit for poultry
  • We only use local, small scale processing facilities that we know and trust - all of which are independently certified by Animal Welfare Approved


  • Typical “conventional” meat prices do not reflect the full cost of their production. Industrial operations produce millions of tons of manure and wastewater, utilize millions of acres of land to produce corn feed that is continuously sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, and often raise animals under conditions that most people are not very proud of.
  • By comparison, our partner farms produce clean, natural meats utilizing sustainable rotational grazing methods and carefully orchestrated systems to mimic an ecosystem’s natural rhythms. They build and promote soil, community, and human and animal health.
  • Our packages offer good value for similar products with delivery at no extra charge
  • Note that we also have a Give $10 / Get $10 referral program... refer a friend and you both get $10 off your next order!

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